Communication is the key to successful anal sex

Because there is still some residual stigma about confessing to a liking for anal sex, it is sadly the case that often one half in a relationship will keep their desires to themselves. There is nothing much more destructive to a relationship than unfulfilled sexual desires.

Consider how plainly disappointed this woman is:

I think my bf is really shy about getting into anal. We haven’t tried in at least a month. It’s always my idea to try it, and I don’t know how he feels about using fingers. Honestly, I’ve given up. I don’t want to do anal, unless he really wants to also.

It is clear from the tone how much she needs anal sex as a part of her physical relationship. And it is tragic that her boyfriend probably likes it too but feels awkward asking for it. The likely scenario is that he is waiting on her to initiate anal sex, while she is exasperated with it always being her idea. If only they would both be open with each other…

Please, if you have an interest in anal sex, make sure you communicate this to your partner. You don’t need to make demands, or pressure them. Just be clear about how much anal sex means to you and that you’ll always be willing to have anal sex when they suggest it.

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