Message: Confused Why My Fiance Wants Me To Stay Anal Only

Anonymous: Hi! I wanted to stay a virgin until marriage, so when I started my sexuality, I sought anal only fuck buddies. I met a few guys and settled with a partner. Years passed, we got closer and even lived together for the past year, our love became clear, and we want to marry. But when the subject of vaginal sex was brought up, he told me he wanted to stay anal only. He told me he enjoyed I stayed a virgin, and to him it was obvious I was an anal woman. It’s true I enjoy our sex, but now I’m confused.

What’s to be confused about? You presented yourself as anal only, your partner accepted you as this and was happy with it as well, and he would like you to stay that way even after marriage. It’s no surprise that most men prefer anal and when presented with the option to be in an anal only relationship, many are eager to maintain that. You should discuss it more with him. Are you satisfied with anal sex? Do you enjoy it? Does the idea of remaining anal only and continuing to be a vaginal virgin appeal to you in any way as some sort of turn on?

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