Month: June 2014

Message: How To Keep Anal From Hurting Girlfriend?

Anonymous: Me and my girlfriend have done anal a few times, is there any good ways to help her from it hurting ?

Always warm her up first with fingers, a butt plug, or smaller dildos. Always use plenty of lube. Eat her pussy while fingering her ass or while she has a butt plug in and give her an orgasm to help her relax, then move on to using your penis.

If it hurts, stop. It shouldn’t hurt. Pain means it’s not warmed up enough yet and you need to do more anal foreplay.

Message: Butthole Feels Loose After First Time Anal

Anonymous: I recently just had anal sex for the first time and afterwards my butthole felt a little gaping. I took a look and a little piece of skin was popping out that wasn’t there before. Could this possibly be prolapse or a hemorrhoid or is will my hole retract back to its normal size?

It’s normal to feel looser or like you’re gaping for a while after having anal, especially when it’s new. This feeling can sometimes last a few days, though usually goes away within a few hours. The area can also be a bit engorged from arousal or swollen from use—especially when starting out.

If you’re prone to hemorrhoids, anal can make them flare up sometimes. Despite the common myths, anal is not believed to cause prolapse—and even if it did, it certainly wouldn’t happen the first time you had anal!

Message: Cleaning Out After Anal Sex

fcksnappleWhat’s the best way to clean myself out *after* anal sex? Should I douche again? I worry I might leak later if I just go to the bathroom and expel what I can afterward. Does anyone prefer to leave it in?

Some people enjoy leaving it in, and that’s certainly a possibility. Most just go to the toilet after. You can also have him go in as deep as he can when he ejaculates so it stays deeper inside and gets absorbed, or put in a butt plug after to keep it inside.

Message: Cleaning Advice for Anal Sex

ricardoqg2014What do you advise as to the intimate cleaning before and after anal sex, for men and women?

Generally, if you have a good, high fiber diet, you should only need to go to the bathroom an hour or so before and you’ll be clean enough. The rectum usually doesn’t store feces except for right when you need to go to the bathroom, and most of the time with anal sex, the penis does not penetrate further than the rectum.

Some like to use an enema to flush out the rectum and clean out any remnants. If you do this, avoid using too much water at a time, as you generally don’t (unless you do a very deep, complete enema) want to get it beyond the rectum as that could loosen feces further up in the colon and cause a mess partway into your sex/play.

Message: Several Anal Only Relationships

A truly excellent blog that emulates everything I’ve felt about anal intercourse since my teens (I’m 50 now.) I have engaged in several anal-only relationships and have also cut short relationships where vaginal couldn’t be excluded. I had one partner who had never had anal sex until she met me at 34, she had quite a submissive side & quickly agreed to an anal-only sex life – I would ‘treat’ her to 1 vaginal penetration on her birthday, and she was also permitted to be cunt fucked by one of my old military friends, though this was often a DP session. Converting a woman to anal-only is a wonderful thing, and there is nothing more satisfying than waking with a good erection and burying deeply into the well-used anus of the woman beside you!

If you visit my blog, you’ll see photos of my current gf under ‘analpig’ training. She is 16 years my junior and another who’d never been sodomized before we met. Despite that, she has an extremely expandable anus and her naturally submissive nature has seen her readily agree to my goal of anal-fisting her regularly.

Message: Wonderful, Wonderful Blog

Anonymous: A wonderful, wonderful blog which gives due praise and respect to what is unquestionably the best way to have sex. Why don’t many more give up on boring vaginal sex when they could have anal instead? Who can say?! Oh, and I also love the sister blog too being a vaginal free zone as so many others spoil it with that. Keep it up!!!

Thanks. You and everyone else keep up living the anal only lifestyle and keep submitting your questions and experiences.

Message: Anal Gape From Anal Sex?

Anonymous: My girls ass is tight. Normal look of it tight and nice, We rarely have sex due to busy schedule of both of us but we are getting married end of this year. the thing is some time after anal if we had a long time sex her ass gaped open, not huge a little. now she is concern that would be permenet, We love to have sex a lot. After we married we will be together more time and that is mean more anal for sure, would that gape be permenet or just for few sec, for now it gets normal.

Assuming that you take the proper care to gradually warm up her anus and loosen it before having sex, and aren’t causing any painful damage, any gaping or looseness after will start to tighten within minutes and be largely back to normal within a few hours or sooner. The baseline tightness can be a little looser still for a few days after sometimes, but this doesn’t matter for much except for the ease of having more anal sex the next day.

Regular healthy anal sex actually improves muscle tone and control in the anus rather than harming it. There are anal only couples who have been having daily anal sex for many years with zero issues. If you do everything properly and never cause her any pain during anal, chances are you can have as much anal sex as you want, even many times per day, without causing any permanent looseness (although if you’re doing it that often she’ll stay looser just because she’s have sex so often she doesn’t have time to tighten up after—but if you’re having sex that often, you want that, because it means much less preparation each time).

Message: Sometimes Anal Isn’t Painful For Me, Sometimes It Is

the-kittencupcakesOk first love the blog second trying to prepare for anal sex been practicing w a insertable one time it wasn’t painful at all and other times a lot so is it that I just need to take my time ?? And any other advice?

If it hurts, it’s either too big for your current level of ability or you aren’t using enough lube. That’s all there is to it.

Start small, with lots of lube, and work whatever you are starting with in and out repeatedly and for a while until it feels totally comfortable, then go to a larger size. If, when increasing the size, anything hurts, stop and just relax there for a moment or two until the pain fades. If it doesn’t, pull the object partway out and wait until it doesn’t hurt, then repeat again and again until you can get it all the way in without it hurting, then do the same thing with moving it in and out for a while before increasing. Keep repeating this cycle until you have worked up to the size you really want to use.

Consider getting a butt plug, or several of different sizes that you can work up through over time, and wearing a plug for as long as you comfortably can on a regular basis. This helps train your anal muscles and makes it easier for you to relax/loosen at will to accommodate penetration. Plus it feels great once you get used to it!

Good to Go For Anal With Just Lube

Anonymous: Have you reach the point where the only thing you need for anal is lube, or do you still need some form of relaxation?

taratheslut: Oh just some lube at this point. If I’ve gotten wet enough you can wipe my pussy onto my ass and I’m good to go. *giggle*