Message: Anal Gape From Anal Sex?

Anonymous: My girls ass is tight. Normal look of it tight and nice, We rarely have sex due to busy schedule of both of us but we are getting married end of this year. the thing is some time after anal if we had a long time sex her ass gaped open, not huge a little. now she is concern that would be permenet, We love to have sex a lot. After we married we will be together more time and that is mean more anal for sure, would that gape be permenet or just for few sec, for now it gets normal.

Assuming that you take the proper care to gradually warm up her anus and loosen it before having sex, and aren’t causing any painful damage, any gaping or looseness after will start to tighten within minutes and be largely back to normal within a few hours or sooner. The baseline tightness can be a little looser still for a few days after sometimes, but this doesn’t matter for much except for the ease of having more anal sex the next day.

Regular healthy anal sex actually improves muscle tone and control in the anus rather than harming it. There are anal only couples who have been having daily anal sex for many years with zero issues. If you do everything properly and never cause her any pain during anal, chances are you can have as much anal sex as you want, even many times per day, without causing any permanent looseness (although if you’re doing it that often she’ll stay looser just because she’s have sex so often she doesn’t have time to tighten up after—but if you’re having sex that often, you want that, because it means much less preparation each time).

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