Message: Several Anal Only Relationships

A truly excellent blog that emulates everything I’ve felt about anal intercourse since my teens (I’m 50 now.) I have engaged in several anal-only relationships and have also cut short relationships where vaginal couldn’t be excluded. I had one partner who had never had anal sex until she met me at 34, she had quite a submissive side & quickly agreed to an anal-only sex life – I would ‘treat’ her to 1 vaginal penetration on her birthday, and she was also permitted to be cunt fucked by one of my old military friends, though this was often a DP session. Converting a woman to anal-only is a wonderful thing, and there is nothing more satisfying than waking with a good erection and burying deeply into the well-used anus of the woman beside you!

If you visit my blog, you’ll see photos of my current gf under ‘analpig’ training. She is 16 years my junior and another who’d never been sodomized before we met. Despite that, she has an extremely expandable anus and her naturally submissive nature has seen her readily agree to my goal of anal-fisting her regularly.

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