Message: Will Wearing a Butt Plug Have a Negative Effect?

Anonymous: I have submitted my personal experience for a while now, but now I am nervous about something else too. Frankly, we are not a 100% anal only couple. She has a small butt plug she bought before we tried anal. Now she says she likes to wear it for a while, not for long, like a hour or may be half an hour when she cooks or doing simple house work, but even she is curious about it—is it going to have a negative effect somehow in her ass?

No. There is no indication that even long term butt plug wear (days, weeks, months at a time with only several minute breaks) causes harm. It’s possible that a very large toy could cause harm to someone not prepared for it, but it’s likely going to cause discomfort far, far, far before any harm occurs. A small, comfortable plug can safely be worn even all day or longer with no issues at all (and it helps train the anal muscles, making future anal sex and pleasure easier).

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