Message: Long Term Butt Plug Wear & Clean Anal Advice

Anonymous: I have two questions! 1. Any tips for wearing a butt plug long term? Any particular ones that are good for long term (8+ hours) wear? 2. What’s the best way to have completely clean anal like porn stars do?

Get one with a t-base or similar that seats comfortably, and no hard/sharp edges, rather than something round-based. There are a lot of good options. The Tantus Ryder is a good small/medium option. As for technique to wear long term, just wear for as long as you can and keep trying to push that a bit longer each time and before you know it you’ll be able to wear it to bed or all day if you want. Carry lube with you in case you need to relubricate throughout the day.

Diet is a major factor for clean anal. Have a generally balanced diet with a healthy amount of fiber and you’ll be naturally pretty clean. Wear a plug before having sex and that will often help you clean out further. Use a small anal douche in the rectum only to flush it out if you feel the need to clean further.

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