Message: How to Let Him Just Push Right In?

quietsilentloveI’m wondering what I need to do to get to the point of just lubing up then having my Dom just push right in. We have been successful twice but when it starts to hurt we do other things. Just not enough time to take time for anal. Anything I can start doing at home to achieve being able to get down to business a little faster?

Frequent practice and training. Get a good small/medium butt plug like the Tantus Ryder (1.5″ diameter at the widest) and wear it regularly, while masturbating, during other sexual activity, and sometimes even just around the house. If you have difficulty inserting that, or any object, go through a few minutes of warmup first, starting with one lubricated finger, then two, then perhaps three depending on the size of what you’re trying to insert. Once you get the warmup process down, wear a butt plug before you have sex for half an hour or so and you should be relaxed enough for easy penetration.

Anal play and butt plug wear also can help you to develop greater conscious muscle control which makes relaxing at will much easier. Practice doing so on your own by pushing out as if going to the bathroom while pushing something inside. The anal sphincter is naturally tight when relaxed, so you have to “flex” it in order to loosen it.

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