Replace Birth Control With Anal Only

As we enter the new year, hormonal birth control methods can still be difficult for people to obtain in many parts of the world, in addition to the wide variety of negative side effects they can cause for many women. Rather than relying on an artificial and potentially harmful method for birth control, why not go anal only instead?

All Natural

Anal sex is the original, all-natural method of birth control. You can have all the anal sex you want and you aren’t going to get pregnant from it unless you really try. Anal lets you have sex stress-free without any reproductive fears or baggage.

Pure Pleasure

Anal is sex for pleasure and intimacy alone, without anything to do with reproduction. It separates sex from reproduction and provides sexual freedom for women who don’t need to worry about pregnancy or taking birth control. Going anal only is the real sexual revolution.

An Uncertain World

In these trying times in the world where access to birth control is not always reliable or affordable, and abortion is at risk of being limited in various places, humanity needs a reliable outlet for non-procreative sex. Anal sex gives more pleasure, more intimacy, and more reliability of birth control.

What are you waiting for? Go anal only today!

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2 responses to “Replace Birth Control With Anal Only”

  1. Such a great and succinct argument for the use of anal sex as a safe, effective means of birth control.

    The point you make about seperating sex from reproduction is revolutionary. Throughout history societies that reached sustainable mass gravitated toward anal sex (Greeks, Romans, etc). In much of the modern Western world, where anal sex was considered taboo, this is what happened with the introduction of hormonal birth control; women felt free to have sex unencumbered with the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Sadly, hormonal birth control comes with a myriad of side effects. Thankfully, as the stigmatism associated with anal sex becomes less, many in the Western world are beginning to realize the benefits of anal sex, not just as birth control, but as a superior form of sex. Maybe then vaginal sex will only be practiced for the purpose of procreation.

  2. Stephen says:

    Anal sex could be viewed as an organic form of birth control. Health conscious women want to take care of themselves with natural foods and natural products. Certainly practicing natural birth control (anal sex) not only is practical but also brings light years more pleasure and intimacy than even unprotected vaginal sex. Women needed risk side effects with birth control when they can instead reorient their bodies for a satisfying and back to basics alternative.

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