Message: Safe To Be Anal Only Without Protection?

Anonymous: my boyfriend is pushing me to have sex with him, i want to, but i don’t want to worry about pregnancy or std. so… how safe is to have just anal/oral without protection? we are both virgins. thanks

If you’re both monogamous and clean, you can safely have oral sex. There is a very slight risk of pregnancy with anal—semen can leak out after and enter the vagina—but it’s pretty negligible if you’re careful, and plenty of people do it without issue. Anal sex has been used for millennia as a natural form of birth control, and there are many people still doing so—even women who were on the pill before and had been having vaginal sex but found it messed up their hormones too much and switched to just having anal sex instead with no pill. The actual act of anal sex cannot lead to pregnancy, it’s only the possibility of leakage afterwards.

I will say that you shouldn’t do anything you don’t want to do even if you’re being pushed to do it. If you do want to do it, great, but if not than your boyfriend needs to respect that.

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