Going Anal Only is the Ideal Form of Birth Control

In a world filled with a variety of birth control options, it may seem unusual to make the claim that foregoing vaginal sex entirely in favor of anal is the best option, but there are a number of reasons why it’s true.

Anal is Natural and Requires Nothing Else

With unwanted pregnancy, especially among teens, an ongoing problem, one has to wonder why, in an age of widely available birth control options, this continues to happen. For younger women, it can be the result of being scared to ask their parents for birth control, or not having the means to do so. In the heat of the moment, some people just give in to their impulses and forego safe sex practices, which can have long-lasting effects on one’s life.

With anal sex, none of that matters. You can just have sex, as often as you like, and it isn’t going to result in pregnancy. It’s natural birth control, and it’s better as a result. You don’t need to remember to use condoms, take pills, or go to a doctor to get a birth control implant. You don’t get the unwanted side effects of hormonal birth control. You just forego vaginal sex in favor of anal every time, and get beautiful sex and pleasure as a result.

While care should be taken after ejaculation to ensure that semen doesn’t run to the vagina, the chances of unwanted pregnancy from anal sex outside of deliberate efforts are very slim. And of course, with new and untested partners, the use of condoms is essential for safe sex to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Anal Offers Better Pleasure and Intimacy

In addition to the natural birth control effects, anal is superior in every other way as well: it’s better for pleasure and intimacy compared to vaginal sex.

Done properly, with appropriate warmup and practice, anal sex is the most pleasurable form of sex, leading to more powerful and intense orgasms than can be had from vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation alone. And in part because of the fact that the anus is a person’s most sensitive and private part of their body, trusting a partner to exclusively have sex with them there leads to a great increase of intimacy. Being anal only with a partner can also be a delightful and sexy secret that you share with each other, which also amplifies intimacy. Anal only couples commonly report the increased intimacy being a major draw towards staying anal only long-term.

Save Vaginal Purely for Getting Pregnant

If you’re just getting started with sex, or are struggling with other birth control options, consider foregoing vaginal sex entirely and electing to go anal only instead. Not only will the sex be better, but you’ll immediately benefit from the natural birth control effects of being anal only.

Keep vaginal for procreative sex, when and if you choose to have children at some point in the future. Focus on anal for everything else—pleasure, arousal, intimacy, bonding. It’s better for all forms of recreative sex.

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