Discussion: My Boyfriend Likes Anal More

A woman asks:

My boyfriend said he likes anal with me more than normal intercourse. I know he likes my butt but did he mean that my pussy is too loose?

She gets some ignorant answers advocating for exercise to tighten her vagina, missing the point entirely that many men just prefer anal and don’t want vaginal whether it’s tight or not. Fortunately, one such man follows up:

As a fellow sodomite, some of us just prefer anal sex. For me, it’s about the dominance and how good it feels. Her vagina is nice and snug and I enjoy vaginal sex but anal is where it’s at for me.

It sounds like the conversation needs input from more anal only men and women.

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One response to “Discussion: My Boyfriend Likes Anal More”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve seen this kind of discussion many times. It’s usually ignorant people saying “if you do this…or try X or Y…and he’ll want your pussy”. Always the assumption that there is something wrong with him to be “fixed”. They miss the clear message that he really prefers anal, nothing is going to change that.

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