Frequent anal sex

A man and his girlfriend, both 25, enjoy having anal sex but worry about having too much:

My girlfriend really enjoys anal sex. She’s able to orgasm from it alone (no other stimulation) and we both feel it adds something exciting to our sex life. However, she’s concerned about having anal sex often for fear of any tearing problems, incontinence, etc., that might happen as a result of frequent anal sex (my definition of frequent is once or twice a week).

It is unfortunate that the answers he gets are from neither the medically informed or experienced with anal sex. Ignorant people who have heard or read other ignorant people on the subject just parrot the same lines about future incontinence. The fact of the matter is all this anecdotal ‘evidence’ is worthless since there has not a single reputable medical journal or paper has ever been published which confirms that frequent anal intercourse is harmful.

If you are lucky enough to be like the above couple, then enjoy what you have and continue to have anal sex as often as you like.

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