Discussion of the Day: Husband Only Wants Anal

A woman asks why her husband only wants anal sex and loses his erection when having vaginal sex with her:

Even when I beg, he would have anal sex first, get hard, and have doggy style for few seconds before he goes limp again.
Is it me? I don’t get it. Advise, please! I am so horny!

Reaction is mixed, with some making the idiotic and stereotypical “he’s gay” comments, but some good responses as well, indicating that some men simply prefer anal sex and that plenty of women do as well.

He’s not gay. Gay men are attracted to men, not anuses.

What’s with all of these “gay” comments? Ridiculous. Does it make a guy gay that he likes getting BJs from his gf/wife? Of course not. So why should engaging in anal sex be any different? I’m a woman and I vastly prefer anal sex, but my husband has a hangup against it. Such a shame. There is no explaining why I like it better. It just stirs something primal in me that vaginal sex doesn’t.

It all goes downhill from there, alas, with everyone else piling on and saying he’s guaranteed to be gay, because in their limited view of the world, the only reason a man would prefer fucking a woman’s ass instead of her pussy is because he secretly wants to be with men.


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