Discussion of the Day: Do All Men Prefer Anal Sex?

A woman whose husband prefers anal asks:

Do all men prefer anal sex and why?

She gets a number of good answers (and some stupid ones). One from a woman:

Well sweetie, if you wanna no the truth of this matter, yes almost all men want to have anal sex. I would say maybe 2% of the men in this world do not prefer anal sex with ther partner. I have been married for 21 years now, my husband loves watching porn with anal sex that is the only kind of porn that he with purchase. I did not prefer it in the past myself, but now as the time has gone by and I have viewed the porns with my husband, well it’s now stuck in my head and that is what I think about.

And a man who prefers anal:

Not all men prefer it, but I count myself among those who do. As for why, because, to me it feels better than vaginal. […] For my wife and I anal sex brings us both to orgasm, vaginal is nice sometimes for both of us but not nearly to the extent of anal sex. My wife is able to achieve orgasm through vaginal sex every time, I can’t. So for us anal sex is the more regular type of penetration sex that we both enjoy all the way to orgasm.

A couple who prefers anal but (for a ridiculous reason) hasn’t gone anal only:

I prefer anal sex, and my wife prefers it also. However, I have to be careful and love her vagina some of the time, since she thinks that I am too obsessed with her anus. (Her vagina is jealous of her anus, since the anus provides so much pleasure, but is not as “feminine” as her vagina.)

I think the reason is that the anus is so pleasurable for me is that her anus is round and tight, while her vagina’s opening, like with all vaginas has a more oval opening. Thus, the anus is much better for stimulating the penis.


Meanwhile, she gets lots of stimulation at her G-Spot when I do anal entry from the rear. Her orgasms are more intense and more frequent with anal sex.

More comments from a man’s point of view:

I do prefer anal, most of the time. Probably because it’s more taboo.

Also, to me it shows a woman who enjoys it is broadminded (very sexy), comfortable with her body (very sexy).

Vaginal sex is not something I fantasize about as it’s too mundane and vanilla, I still enjoy it, but often it’s about as exciting as shaking hands… whereas anal definitely is more exciting and exotic to me.


I don’t believe I could be compatible long term with a partner who wasn’t in to it, it would be like a man saying to a woman he would never go down on her (oral), having a central source of your pleasure denied, possibly for life would be a deal-breaker for me.


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