The V-Spot: Help! My Boyfriend Hates My Vagina


Q: We have a great sex life and we’re totally in love! He doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in my vagina — and my vagina, in my mind, is kinda the main thing that makes me a female sexual being. He likes my breasts and loves my butt, but he (literally) never goes down on me and I get the feeling that he only fingers me because he knows I like it, not because he does. He also prefers anal sex to vaginal sex.

A: As a firm believer in the spectrum of human experience, I don’t believe that your boyfriend’s lack of interest in your vagina “makes him” gay. He can definitely identify as straight and just honestly not like your vagina that much. Or he can be attracted to you, but just not like that kind of sex.

Sounds like a normal male to me.


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