Message: Husband Doesn’t Like Anal That Much

Anonymous: my Husband doesn’t like anal that much. He likes that i’m into it and he likes to finger my ass, but i think He only fucks my ass because i want it. He mostly fucks me that way before cumming in my pussy or my mouth, even though He has to put on a condom for my pussy. He says that my ass feels good and tight if He just fucks my sphincter really shallow, but once He’s in deep, i guess it feels loose, or at least my pussy is tighter. Is there a way i can train my ass to be tighter for Him?

The anal sphincter is really the part you can control, and the parts beyond inside the rectum somewhat less so. Depending on both of your anatomy, if he can get in deep enough, he may be able to reach the bend into your sigmoid colon, which can create a tight sensation on the head of his penis.

You can also try kegel exercises to tighten the rectum and experiment with using those muscles during sex to see what it does for him.

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