Message: Anal only husband

Carl R: PIV sex became sore for my wife just as we left our 40s. I really learned to pleasure her with oral and finger insertion but not with PIV sex, it trailed off. As we became adventurous I gave up any forms of masturbation as I said goodbye to PIV sex. Since she can’t orgasm with her vagina, I felt it right and a little kinky to end normal orgasms with my penis. My wife gives me regular anal stimulation, gently, for my pleasure and that eventually leads to an orgasm. We started with a plug that she still uses, and she also has a thin expensive vibrator that I love. I’ve also used it in her anus. Since we got this raunchy, and I made a self-vow not to stimulate my penis or have my wife do it, we purchased an expensive chastity appliance for those times my flesh becomes weak, which usually happens it we haven’t been romantic. I assure you this is no Mistress and slave marriage either, though obviously the opportunities for role play given the circumstances are endless. It has been no PIV in nearly 10 years.

Sounds like an interesting arrangement, and if it works for the two of you that’s wonderful. Do you also have anal sex with each other, or does not using your penis involve not penetrating her anally with it either? Many women can orgasm from anal sex, so having anal together in that way might be another way to be anal only together.

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