The cult of AO, A cult that preserves life

the-pleasure-of-modern-sex: I recently wrote about Japan, and a cult that worships the penis which creates life.

Now that the world has already overcrowded, and climate change threatens our planet It is time to set up a new cult that will preserve life. I call this peace and nature preserving cult, (the cult of AO) or analonly.

in the world, men often fight against each other because they want to make a woman pregnant through vagina,therefore, it can be argued that the vagina is the cause of many conflicts, both in the workplace and in the world, the solution to this problem is anal sex.

The purpose of cult is to bring together people sharing the same concerns as millions of other people in the world worried by overcrowding and climate change and wars and how can it be resolved through sexuality and especially anal sex.Which provides a natural solution to the prevention of pregnancy.

This cult has no priests or churches, because each of its practitioners is a priest and every place where it is practiced is a church. The symbol of cult is an anus, The cult sacrament is an anal sex act,
Which can be performed either between pairs or groups.

Vaginal penetration with the penis is forbidden, other forms of sexuality such as oral sex and masturbation are allowed Although it would be desirable to be part of the Analsex.

The cult also favors Taoist sex and meditation, although it is not compulsory for the cult members, but still we encourages all self-study during the analsex act

We do not condemn anyone,
Even if you are gay, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual, you are all welcome,
To the cult of peace and love that is united, love and belief that analsex saves the world and brings peace to it.

join the AO cult ❤?✌️

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