Message: Butt Plug Questions

Anonymous: What do you think about butt-plugs? I’ve been thinking about getting one for my wife, but what size is recommended? And should they be left in just for a while before anal sex or left in most of the day for best results? Will it make much difference if thinking about getting her to make anal sex what we do most of the time? Thanks in advance for your help.

Butt plugs are amazing. She should probably be at least slightly familiar with anal play before using one—a finger or two up the butt during oral sex, and the like. If she can already take two or three fingers (or a penis) fairly comfortably, you should get about a 1.5″ diameter plug like the Tantus Ryder. There are smaller ones as well, but they don’t stay in very well, so I like 1.5″ as a minimum size. Always go for silicone, glass or steel—the other materials aren’t body safe and smell awful, even though they’re usually a bit cheaper.

You can do all sorts of fun things with butt plugs. She can wear it during oral and vaginal sex, or in preparation for anal sex. Wearing it around the house or out in public is a lot of fun as well if you enjoy the sensation of being filled anally and feel like being naughty wearing one in public.

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