Message: Why Anal Only?

K: For what reason would one go anal only?

There are lots of reasons why, and different people do it for different reasons!

  • Anal is more pleasurable. Done correctly, many people find anal to be more enjoyable than vaginal sex, and if they prefer it, it makes sense to want to focus primarily or exclusively on it, especially if vaginal isn’t very good in comparison.
  • Anal is more intimate. It can require more trust and communication, and it’s a more private and sensitive part of a woman’s body, so having anal sex leads to increased intimacy, and the act of going anal only builds that intimacy even more and can be great for a relationship.
  • Anal is natural birth control, and if you don’t have other forms of birth control available, or don’t want to pay for them, or have negative side effects from them, going anal only makes a lot of sense as a free, natural way to have sex without getting pregnant.
  • It can be a fun, sexy secret to know that you only do anal sex and vaginal is off the table. Lots of people think this is a real turn on, and makes them feel sexy, dirty, slutty, or whatever appeals to them.
  • For those in a dom/sub relationship, it can be another way to work within that dynamic, as many women find that anal sex makes them feel more feminine and submissive, and going anal only can be a great act of submission to their partner. However, for those who aren’t into this, enjoying anal doesn’t inherently make one submissive. It just taps into the sort of things that submissive people already enjoy.

There are many more reasons, and this blog has many existing articles on the topic as well! Here’s one classic post on the topic to get you started with additional reading.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anal only lifestyle is also great in Islamic countries where the parents check the girl’s hymen to see if she is still a “virgin.” She could face violence if she has no hymen. Anal only lifestyle prevents all of that and Muslim women can still have anal sex and still be a “virgin” to their family.

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