Message: Our Anal Only Life

Anonymous: My fiancé and I decided to be anal only when we first started dating because we wanted to be free to be sexual together and enjoy ourselves but I’d had really bad experiences with birth control before and we know we can’t afford to have a child at this time in our lives nor are we sure about raising children in this world. Anal only lets us be a complete and sexual couple with intimacy and have an awesome sex life but we don’t ever have to worry at all about getting pregnant or risking our futures.

I’ve seen you make similar comments and I wanted to share that it’s been very good for us in that way. In times like this where so many of us are trying to make our way in the world with very little resources it just makes sense to be anal only.

Thanks so much for sharing! I think there are a lot of good reasons to be anal only (including just “I like anal and want to do it all the time”!) but I completely agree that with the growing uncertainty in the world, difficulty for many people to support a family, and massive overpopulation, being anal only makes a lot of sense when it comes to the sense of security it provides with its inherent natural birth control.

And there’s a lot to be said for that. Other forms of birth control are expensive, have side effects, and can in some cases really make sex worse. Anal makes sex better, boosts arousal, and gives you the confidence to have as much sex as you want without risk of pregnancy ever being a part of it.

I encourage going anal only for anyone that wants a free, positive sex life without any involvement of procreation. It just makes sense.

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