The Many Roads Leading to the Anal Only Lifestyle

One of the best things about the community surrounding the anal only lifestyle is how many different ways people approach it, and how they’re all generally welcomed and embraced by the rest of the community. Here are a few of the different takes on anal only people have:

  1. People who truly prefer it up the ass to the point of being uninterested in any vaginal penetration. These are often the most fervent adherents to anal only, for obvious reasons—it’s the only way they enjoy fucking. For women this is usually the result of something physical: her g-spot being more easily stimulated anally, or her clitoral tissue being easily reached via anal penetration. Thus, greater pleasure from anal penetration than vaginal. Early experimentation with anal masturbation appears to significantly increase the likelihood that someone will prefer anal stimulation later in life as well.
  2. People in a dominant/submissive relationship who are turned on by the idea of denial. Here, the submissive may not always prefer anal but may find the idea of denying the vaginal sex they prefer and only being allowed to get off anally, if at all, to be very appealing.
  3. People who enjoy the idea of reprogramming themselves and using their bodies in ways “not intended”. Let’s face it, even if anal sex seems more natural to some of us, from a biological, reproductive perspective, vaginal sex is what nature intends. So by refusing to use her vagina at all and only having sex anally, a woman may feel as though she is subverting her body and taking more control of how she uses it for her pleasure. This can be immensely appealing to some women. Couple this with the training required to be able to have frequent anal sex and making her anus her primary sex organ is something this sort of woman can’t ignore. The idea of remaining a vaginal virgin for life while having regular anal sex can be appealing to some of these women as well.
  4. People trying to save their virginity. Usually from religious or conservative families, these women refuse to have vaginal sex until marriage but will often engage in anal and oral out of a belief that those don’t count for virginity. Say what you will about their belief system, at least it leads to an early introduction to exclusively anal sex and produces lots of women who end up preferring anal sex for the rest of their life. (Unfortunately, a lot of these women appear to decide later in life that anal sex is sinful and not something a proper religious woman does, and stop having it even if they secretly prefer it.)
  5. Women with vaginismus and similar conditions. This involves an excessively tight vagina resulting in extreme pain from vaginal sex. In some cases it leads to increased anal tightness as well, but many women with vaginismus have reported success with anal sex even though vaginal remains painful, and they greatly prefer anal as a result and are grateful to have a way to have sex and reach orgasm from penetration.

There are likely some other reasons out there as well which I haven’t included—if you don’t fit into one of these categories, please suggest some more!

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