The Many Different Approaches To Anal

This is a topic that has been discussed in detail before, but as the community and the world continues to evolve, the primary reasons for anal sex and the anal only lifestyle can evolve along with it. These are some of the common reasons people commonly cite more recently as motivations to be anal only:

Anal is more pleasurable

For some people, it’s as simple as this. They get more pleasure and arousal out of anal sex than they do vaginal, and even if they may still have urges for other sorts of stimulation, they find that sticking with just anal sex amplifies their pleasure and keeps them horny for more sex.

Anal is more dominant/submissive

For others, it may be that anal is less pleasurable but it puts them in a dominant or submissive mindset that amplifies their emotional enjoyment of sex beyond just the physical, and that can overcome less physical sensation, or enjoying it physically less can in fact make them enjoy it as a whole more.

Being anal only subverts societal norms

Some get similar pleasure from both but enjoy the fact that not having vaginal sex and only doing anal is different from societal norms and makes them different in a special way they can share with their partner or even just enjoy on their own. This can come with additional benefits like not needing other forms of birth control, etc.

What are your reasons for being drawn to anal only? Are these representative of you, or is there another reason? Leave a comment sharing your perspective!

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2 responses to “The Many Different Approaches To Anal”

  1. Katrin says:

    I truly believe in being child free because our world is so overpopulated and I LOVE how the anal only lifestyle coincides with that. No need to worry about accidental pregnancies or abortions or birth control… And anal feels so much better, just found this community and I am obsessed !

  2. Stephen says:

    I recall Camille Paglia saying that nature has a fascist agenda to its design and that we can subvert such an agenda by being sexually authentic. Nature designs are bodies to crave sex so we can make babies. When a man drains his balls in a beautiful tight giving little anal rosebud and is rewarded with far stronger orgasms over coitus, he is not only avoiding unwanted pregnancy but also turning sex from the reproductive action of a thoughtless animal to an incredible act of sophisticated physical pleasure for the parties involved. His partner is even rewarded with the anti-depressant effects of the female anus absorbing semen via the colon (the most efficient way for the body to absorb semen). Obviously, the semen that isn’t absorbed brings psychic, almost spiritual and artistic gratification to all involved in an anal encounter when the woman releases it later. The semen that nature thinks will make children is instead converted into an ingredient in kinky pleasure by free people who control their reproductive functions. Just as anal sex is a type of beautiful performance art, the anal creampie is an artistic expression and culmination of satisfying unreproductive sex.
    Likewise, when a woman turns her butthole into her love hole (and let’s be honest, her ass is largely responsible for male partners’ erections as it is), she is not only going to be rewarded with stronger orgasms and no libido crash, but is also transforming her sexuality from that of mundane reproduction based sex to the sensual pure pleasure based activities of a free thinking women.

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