Three Reasons Anal Sex is the Best

It’s no surprise that we here prefer anal sex. It’s something that we talk about a lot, and we do tend to go into detail about why it’s better than vaginal sex on ever level, but in case you’re still left wondering, here are some clearly defined reasons.

  • Anal feels so much more intense and pleasurable than vaginal sex. For people giving anal sex, they can go deeper, get a tighter, grippier sensation, and can cum inside every time. For people receiving anal sex, it’s an intense filling sensation that causes incredible orgasms and doesn’t have the same arousal harming after effects of vaginal and clitoral orgasms.
  • Anal is natural birth control that you simply won’t get pregnant from with a simple amount of care. Unlike condoms, which nobody likes (though you should still use if you’re having sex with untested partners!), or hormonal birth control, which has a lot of negative side effects on mood, arousal and pleasure, anal is a fun, sexy, pleasurable way to have as much sex as you want without getting pregnant.
  • Anal is sexier, both in a visually appealing sense and conceptually. The idea of replacing vaginal sex, something that everyone does, with anal, something that—while it’s becoming ever more popular—is still less common, gives people quite the thrill. Aside from that, though, it’s just far more attractive and fun to watch.

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One response to “Three Reasons Anal Sex is the Best”

  1. yosemitespam says:

    Not to quarrel with the rah, rah tone…. Anal feels completely different from vag for the guy. With vag, the fun part is going super deep and rubbing against her cervix. With anal, (at least for me) there’s basically no surface…so the stimulation comes mainly from backing into her sphincter on the out stroke.

    The key is not to break her rhythm when you do that.



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