Message: How Much Anal is Too Much?

Skylar: So my (F) boyfriend and I are LDR, but working up to being a predominantly anal only couple when we move in together.

My question is: Is there so such thing as having too frequent anal sex? Not that we’re going at it every second of every day, it’s more every other day, but I’m just curious.

Yes, as with all things in life, it’s possible to have too much anal sex, but it’s not a universal, hard and fast rule for everyone, it’s something to figure out for yourself. If it hurts frequently or you’re particularly sore in a painful rather than pleasant way afterwards, you might be doing it to often. If it’s just a lot of fun and feels great without any significant ill effects, then you’re doing just fine!

It’s entirely possible for people to have anal sex daily or even more frequently, you just need to listen to your body and do it at a frequency that works for you. If every other day works for you, keep doing it. If you want to start doing it daily, go for it!

Good luck going anal only when you move in together—that’s something you’ll never regret deciding to do!

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One response to “Message: How Much Anal is Too Much?”

  1. Over the past 27 years I estimate my wife and I have had anal sex about 6500 times. for the past several years, we had anal sex almost every day. This year, we committed to try and have anal sex at least once per day (365 times), and are ahead of the goal at the moment. She has not experienced any negative issues.

    So, if practiced right, I don’t think there’s such as thing as too much anal sex.

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