Message: How To Bring Up Going Anal Only?

Anonymous: My question is simple. My girlfriend adores anal and I absolutely love it. But most of the time we have vaginal sex, or at least we do that first. Its fantastic sex but I’m interested in trying AO, How should someone bring up the subject of becoming an anal only couple?

Sorry for the long delay in answering.

First off, you are in a great position where you both like anal. Secondly the fact that you are interested in trying anal only suggests you aren’t fully satisfied with where you both are with your sex life. This is normal, as many guys are also ready to move on from vaginal to the more certain pleasures of anal.

You should start out by making sure anal sex is always the most positive experience you can make for her; any foreplay she likes; her favorite positions; play with her clit while you fuck to make sure she always has an orgasm. Stuff you can do outside of the bedroom also helps put her in the right mood.

Next you need to steer the sex towards anal as often as you can. Say “Do you mind if we go straight to your ass tonight?”, or whatever you think is most effective. Don’t push to hard, but make it your objective to have more anal than vaginal or skip vaginal when possible.

After a while you’ll need to start telling her her good her ass is, how hard it makes you cum. And that you’ve noticed how hard she cums too. Tell her how hot she looks during anal. Let her know how much of a pleasure it is. It’s important that you both talk about it, and eventually you can start dropping hints like “I think I could be a happy man with anal alone”.

Only you will know when to finally drop the question. By this point it shouldn’t come as much f a surprise to her. But remember, you need to frame it in terms of what you do together, as a couple. Always us “we” and not “I” when proposing going anal only. Remind her of the better and more exciting times you have with anal compared to vaginal. Tell her it would be something new to try together. It’s an adventure, something to share.

Sometimes you won’t even have to ask. If you can gradually increase the frequency of anal while always reducing vaginal you may both transition naturally, without even noticing.

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