The woman and her boyfriend who only have anal sex

At a woman writes about how she and her boyfriend began to have only anal sex after complications with her birth control. She quickly finds out how easy it is and soon prefers it over ‘regular’ sex. She’s curious if there are other girls or couples like this.

There are some supportive comments including from a couple who are predominantly anal.

Sadly, someone tries to tell her that this lifestyle will result in irreversible health problems later. Despite not being true this is unfortunately a common myth perpetuated by  a few lone individuals. They are easy to recognise as they  usually (falsely) claim to be either a nurse, doctor or other health professional in order to give themselves some credibility.

These scare tactics are easily debunked, as there is an absence of any real medical data supporting these assertions, and as any long term lover of anal sex will tell you, it is a perfectly safe and enjoyable activity even when done exclusively.

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