Message: Communication is Key!

CS: My wife of 5.5 years is pregnant with our second child, something we agreed to. Prior to actually trying for a baby, we were doing anal nearly every time we had sex; vaginal served almost as foreplay for it. In the last year, I had mentioned “Maybe one time you’ll be so into it, you’ll suck my cock after.” “Is that what you want?” she asked. And now ass-to-mouth is something we do regularly, provided everything is clean.

As for the pregnancy, I had mentioned that I found this blog… and as we got into the topic more, she admitted that, aside from wanting a baby, she doesn’t even like vaginal sex that much. The thought that she strongly prefers it in the ass for more than just my desire sent me reeling. She also mentioned that when we’re able to get back into our active sex life, she’d be willing to practice getting off more regularly without clitoral play.

For anyone wanting to try new things, be it anal or not, just talk about it! It’s all about trust in your partner that makes it so passionate and exciting.

Congratulations to the both of you! Communication absolutely is key, and if more couples communicated about such things, many would find that they strongly shared a preference for anal, or that the other would at least be very willing to try an anal focus for their partner.

You’ve both got something to look forward to now as you shift to anal only when returning to an active sex life, and it’s going to be so much fun and so satisfying as you do so.

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