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Anonymous: My wife and I r in our early 30s. I wasn’t eager to settle down (although I didn’t understand why) and agreed to get married on the condition we be 100% anal, including when she masturbates. Like others on here, I’m not into vag and love the mental and physical thrill of rough butt fucking. She agreed and it’s been great. My question: when it’s time for the sex talk w our sons and daughter, do we broach this topic or just let them figure it out on their own? I wish someone had to told me.

First, congratulations on having an awesome wife.

Second, regarding the sex talk, I think it’s fine to mention a preference for anal only as a viable option that there’s nothing wrong with, but it should probably be mentioned along with other things, e.g. some people have vaginal sex, some people regularly have both vaginal and anal sex, and some people only have anal sex. If you want to try and tip the scales towards anal, you can always mention its benefits, though it’s of course important to balance that with the importance of preparation and warmup, etc. for anal.

That’s just my personal opinion, because I would also have liked being told about the idea and it being a legitimate lifestyle long before I figured it out on my own. I’ll let others follow up with their own opinions.

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