Message: Updating About My Broken Butt

Buttlyn: Brazilian girl, 20, dysfunctional pussy. Hello again. Did you remember the advices you gave to me the last time I got in touch? I want to thank you ’cause for saving my sex life. Anal only is becoming my main fetish (something I did not even think about is now reality) and my husband is so fucking happy! I still vanilla but now I’m extremely more eager to have anal sex. We bought a 6.5 and a 3.2 inches dildos (both with suction cups), a butterfly vibrator and some soft BDSM stuff. Now I can finally masturbate myself anally using my only functional hand. I also realized that I like to simulate ménages with my dildos, so… it’s a bonus! I’m feeling myself so free, so delighted! I’ll even try to wear my buttplug – I always hated it but now I’m excited enough to make it happen. Let’s see how far I can go. I don’t know why but… having more than one “dick” to fuck my butt makes me feel slutty and jumpy! I just hope that it doesn’t screw up my relationship.

Thank you for everything! I’ll keep you updated. You don’t need to answer this message in your blog if you don’t want to. Just cross your fingers and send me good vibes, okay?

Congratulations, and thank you for the update. I’m so glad to hear that the information was helpful and you are able to better enjoy sex and masturbation now! With any luck, it will just keep getting better for the two of you!

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