Message: True Anal Girl

You know you found a true anal girl when …

… she will stop you after 5min of fucking her pussy to initiate 20min of anal sex.

… she gives you really sloppy blowjobs and jokes about saving lube that way.

… she passionately licks and sucks the fingers you used to open her ass up.

… she gets wet if you lick and finger her pussy but begins to soak if you do the same to her ass.

… she calls her ass the “more obedient hole”

… she begs you to spank her while you fuck her ass.

All this and more is true about my girlfriend. A really wonderful anal girl. Before her, anal sex was a thing I did with girls who were into it, but she is different. She made me totally obsessed with anal sex and her ass. It’s amazing.

Sounds like it’s time to go anal only.

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