Message: 5 Years Too Long

The long winter is over. After 5 years without even one complete anal sex session (3 attempts, 2 barely count) my girlfriend and I finally broke the spell. She gave me her virgin ass for over an hour before her beautiful asshole gracefully extracted every last ounce of my cum. It’s already been a few days since we did it but my cock remains utterly entranced, desperately longing to once more re-enter its natural home. I want to go back but she is insisting that it should only be a “special” thing. She doesn’t understand that I /need/ more, and that It’s not that I don’t love her pussy. I do. I love her pussy and most of the other wonderful pussies i’ve encountered. But anal is my ambrosia and addiction. What’s more is that it’s also a way of life for me. Since highschool I have only ever looked at anal porn. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a girl who would let me have it more than once maybe twice a week tops. But like a vampire, I thirsted for more. And now after years of patiently waiting I finally got an overwhelming taste of what it’s like to act on my thoughts. I emptied half a fucking bottle of baby oil on her ass while I fucked her from behind, missionary anal, and finally mesmerizing reverse cowgirl anal that literally made the hair on my neck stand up. But it’s definitely not enough. I am happy she liked it but I need to change that. I need more. Any suggestions on how to turn her? She’s not into, as she calls it, “fetishy” type stuff  and is also relatively conservative. Can we change that?

Show her that it’s not a fetish, it’s a normal, beautiful, incredibly pleasurable way of sharing intimacy, and that it can make her feel better than anything else. Make her cum from anal enough times and she won’t want it to just be “something special”.

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