Message: Can a Woman Get to Where She Doesn’t Need Foreplay Before Anal?

Anonymous: Hi! I was thinking to myself: can I girl evolve her anal sex sex skills to the point of no longer needing any kind of foreplay? Can a woman become a anal sex machine? Perhaps it’s a stupid question, but I’m curious.

Thank you for reading. Love your blog.

Everyone is different and may have different needs, and conditions can change even day-to-day sometimes, but in general it’s certainly possible for people to get to the point where they need little to no warmup before having anal sex. There are those who just need a dab of lube and they’re good to go.

This is most commonly achieved by maintaining a regular schedule of frequent anal sex, masturbating with a dildo on days you aren’t able to have anal sex, and wearing a butt plug in between. The frequent use keeps your anal muscles in a warmed up state and more or less eliminates the need to warm up in advance of having sex. The regular practice also helps you develop more conscious anal muscle control and learn how to relax them more easily without needing to warm up beforehand. Doing anal exercises (like kegels but with your ass) can help with this, as well as practicing pushing out during anal penetration, which helps relax and open up your ass to the penetrating object.

However, even to an “anal sex machine”, to use your phrase, if they go a while without any anal penetration, they’ll need to work through a warmup period again to get back into things. It takes less time, though, after you’re already experienced, and is a bit like riding a bicycle.

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One response to “Message: Can a Woman Get to Where She Doesn’t Need Foreplay Before Anal?”

  1. My wife and I agree foreplay takes place throughout the day. If I’m home, I can’t keep my hands off her. Patting or squeezing her ass, brushing my hand across her breasts, giving her a kiss on the neck. If I’m at work, we call each other throughout the day. When I’m at home at night, we generally spend time together before going to bed. When we do, she feels like she’s already had her foreplay.

    Since we have anal sex at least once a day, I can just lube her ass and we can go to town. She generally orgasms about every other day (less during her period, more mid ovulation). This may sound strange, but when she wants to orgasm we don’t make love, we fuck; hard, long, and deep. Whether she’s sitting on top grinding her ass on my cock, or in missionary she likes it deep and hard. When she doesn’t feel the desire to orgasm, she loves the closeness of having me inside her.

    That said, every woman is different. I wish every woman could be like my wife. That said, there are just going to be those women that need foreplay before any kind of sex.

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