Message: Reasons to Stop Non-Anal Stimulation

jeuxdepouvoir: Hi, I’m a gay male but I thought my feedback might be interesting: I actually love your blog, and I must say it changed my sexuality. I’ve always been more of a bottom, but your blog made me go full bottom and ignoring my cock (even when I’m by myself), and I’ve never had so much pleasure and such huge (anal) orgasms. Like for women, those orgasms actually keep me hot all the time, and I’m more available and ready to please. Anyone enjoying being penetrated should stop cock/clitoris stimulation.

Thanks for the message. I totally agree that everyone should at least try switching to purely anal stimulation for a while, ideally at least a few months, to see what benefits it may have for them. It’s not necessarily suitable for everyone, but it can be so enjoyable and beneficial that it’s at least worth a try.

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