I can only orgasm with anal stimulation

This young 20 year old woman explains:

I have a problem that is beginning to drive me crazy, and I have already lost one boyfriend because of it.

I can only orgasm when my anus is being stimulated, that is not to say I don’t need my clitoris to orgasm, of course I do, it’s just that I can’t really reach a peak without my bottom being touched or better still something in it.

Ever since starting to touch myself I liked to touch my bottom, can’t really remember what it was that started me out I just always have, I also can’t remember exactly when this started, but it wasn’t always the way.

She goes on to say that she didn’t see this as a problem until her boyfriend left her – it seems to be the case that he felt he hadn’t been responsible for her pleasure somehow because her vagina was not involved. You’re right, that doesn’t make any sense. Nevertheless, she still worries about his hurt feelings.

Everyone is built slightly differently, and for some it can take some years before their sexual response matures and settles down. She is very fortunate as the orgasms caused by anal stimulation are much stronger, but she only began to question herself after her inexperienced boyfriend left her.

A more understanding partner would help her to explore and develop her anal needs, for as she herself says:

it’s true that it was uncomfortable to start with but after a couple of times I began to absolutely love it. So much in fact that every sex session would end with anal.

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