Message: I Don’t Think We’ll Stay Anal Only

Anonymous: Sadly I don’t think we will stay anal only this month has been awesome, finding out I love anal more than anything else, the amazing orgasms, Ahh oh well; I’m going to keep following to hopefully be able to keep up the dream 🙁 I will continue my solo play and get it when I can. Hubs just loves the vagina too much. Thank you all for your lovely posts.

I’m sorry to hear that he doesn’t want it as much as you do, but don’t give up hope for it just yet. Not everyone gets there immediately, but it can still be possible to gradually move towards anal only over time. Try to come up with a compromise with him where you incorporate anal into your routine together even still doing vaginal. You can be completely anal only with your solo play, and get as much anal with him as you can. Some end up “anal always” where they still do vaginal but always (or usually) at least end sex with anal. Others go back to vaginal but then do anal on a regular interval as well, or intermittently go back to a period of anal only, whether for a week at a time, or another month a few times a year. Over time, who knows? He might come around.

Good luck!

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