Message: Finally Got The Nerve To Ask Him For Anal Only, He Rejected It

reeceoliversI’m married & frequently on here. I truly appreciate your tips. Finally got the nerve to ask him to try anal only for a month. He acted like I took his favorite dessert off the menu. All of a sudden I felt ashamed like I did something wrong. We didn’t talk for days. He apologized & we’re back to talking & sex again infrequently b/c I don’t have much desire for it since. I can’t hold out completely b/c our marriage suffers when we aren’t intimate. Any advice for feeling resentful and deprived?

I’m sorry to hear that triggered a negative reaction from your partner. It can certainly be challenging when one person wants anal only and the other does not. Unless he is willing to give it a try occasionally (maybe for shorter periods of time than a month?), you may have to compromise. Instead of anal only, try for just having anal sex a bit more frequently, and be anal only in all your solo play. Over time, you can try to ramp up the anal more frequently together, and see if you end up there together naturally rather than abruptly switching to AO.

I wish you luck in coming up with a mutually acceptable solution to your desires.

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