Message: I Think I’m Overwhelming My Husband With My Love For Anal

I have recently discovered i LOVE anal never thought i would! super proud of myself lol!  BUT i think im overwhelming my husband as he does love it but he does not LOVE it like i do.( I take it or im receiving? im sorry i dont know the lingo yet! he does not and is not into that, no judgment this is just us!) Anyway I dont want him to feel forced to have more sex but sex 3x a week isnt enough for me! we start with bjs he doesnt finish, then move to vaginal, then the beloved anal until we cum. its beautiful.He does work a physically demanding job during the week so i know he is tired and i do take that into account! But any help or tips would be appreciated!! I would probably be anal only if he would be into it but i dont think he is. I made this tumblr just for this question! I have been stalking this blog for a month now at first i was surprised,  i thought ,like really anal only how could that be. But after the purchase of my first awesome training plugs and some different positions ive just fallen in love with it. I just feel alone and a little weird but then i find all these beautiful people who love it to, i just have no one who relates irl i suppose…Thank you for having this blog and everyone flowing it!! and  just allowing me to feel less alone!

I’m glad you were able to discover how much you love anal and that you’d like to go anal only, as well as discovering this community. (Don’t forget to check out the forum and Discord chat as well!)

Have you talked with your husband about it? Tell him that you really love and prefer anal and you’d like to try just skipping your pussy and start going straight to anal. No Pussy November, our annual month-long anal only challenge, is coming up soon, and is a good opportunity for people to experiment with going anal only without an up-front long-term commitment. You just give up all vaginal sex for a month and do anal as much as you can, and then at the end of the month reassess and if you’re still loving it, then commit to going anal only indefinitely. Perhaps you could try that with him?

If the frequency isn’t enough, masturbate your ass and wear plugs when you aren’t having sex. You can start by going anal only in your solo play, never masturbating vaginally and only playing with your ass, and then working to get to that same point with your husband.

Communication is important, though, and you should have an honest discussion with him about how much better anal is for you and that you want to try going anal only with him, at least for a while to start out.

Good luck!

The original poster responded to this post:

multitrack-mind: Thank you so much! He really likes it too, just I guess not as much as me haha. I am so excited for anal only November. We decided just yesterday so we aren’t going to do anything until nov. 1! I’m going to start more solo play for now! Thank you so much for you’re advice I will try and convince after November maybe he just needs more examples of why it’s the best!

To which the following response was made:

If he’s already agreed to try No Pussy November, I’m sure that month of anal only will help show him why pussy is unnecessary and anal is best, and it will no doubt be easier to convince him to stay anal only after then.

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