Message: Going Slow With Anal Only

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been interested into trying a month of anal only to see how it goes and we have been taking it slow to make sure I don’t get hurt and he doesn’t hurt himself either but we have run into an issue. Because of taking it slow he has an issue with staying hard enough (we really haven’t done anal much so he has to be 100% hard to get it in) and then I get turned off bc I feel like it’s my fault any advice?

Only go as slowly as you need to. If you’re fine and it isn’t hurting, you can try to go faster. You don’t need to go slowly just for the sake of going slowly, you should just listen to your body and what it needs, and go slowly when necessary but not when you’re fine. You can also warm up with some solo play and by wearing a butt plug before having sex so you’re more ready from the start.

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