Changing People’s Mindset

An excellent new post from luvmywifesass’s legendary Anal Only blog.

From a comment I recently received:

“I admit I’ve never tried anal but I’m curious enough to give it a try one day when I meet the right woman. Now, what I want to know is why you’d use anal as a substitute all the time? Wouldn’t that get boring? I don’t see the big attraction?”

I’ve never understood comments like this.  The anus is tighter, smoother, and has the ability to move in ways the vagina can’t come close to, giving it the ability to stimulate a man’s cock far better than the vagina.  It’s a natural form of birth control that, when practiced correctly, is virtually 100% effective.

Anal sex has all of this, and more, over the vagina, as I’ve documented in other posts.  Still, you never hear anyone say, “Vaginal?  Wouldn’t that get boring all the time?”

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