Message: Moving From Anal Play to Anal Sex

santanatruth: Me and my gf dont have anal but she lets me finger her anus and lick and kiss and all the other stuff but she wont let me use my penis. Any tips that might make her want to take it to the next step?

Keep doing what you’re doing but make an extra effort to make things even more pleasurable for her when you’re doing anal stimulation. Finger her ass during cunnilingus and vaginal sex, and try to be giving her some sort of anal stimulation whenever she orgasms. Ask her if she’d be interested in wearing a butt plug during sex, or using anal beads. Anal beads can be awesome when pulled out while she has an orgasm.

Don’t rush into trying to have full blown anal sex. Don’t make putting your penis in her ass your priority, make her loving anal stimulation and desiring more of it your priority. Anal sex has a far greater chance of occurring if she loves and becomes very comfortable with anal play and wants it as a regular part of sex.

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