Message: Vaginal Boring After Trying Anal

Anonymous: Dan here. You replied to my question a day or to back. Well, you could be right about it being novelty, but right now vaginal sex seems boring to me. I found it such a contrast when I had to go back. It’s funny to think how quickly I’ve fallen in love with one way and fallen out with the other. At least my girlfriend seems willing to continue for now since she initially thought we should do it so I could see what it was like for myself. Didn’t expect it to have such an impact. Thanks again.

I honestly don’t think it’s that uncommon to become bored and uninterested with vaginal sex after experiencing anal. Many people of both genders may refuse to admit it out of a fear they will upset their partner by expressing their newfound preferences, but in reality it seems that once most people try anal, a large number of them want to have it more than vaginal from then on.

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