Spending a Month Anal Only

masterlionsblog: That’s good, nothing this month yet.. You should try going the entire month of October as an anal only slut. Makes good practice. Midnight of Halloween, you can use your cunt.

storyofluella: Oh this sounds like a lot of fun!

While I’m certainly not going to suggest you don’t spend October anal only, the following month is officially (the third annual!) No Pussy November, which will start getting more announced later this month. It’s always a great opportunity for people to start experimenting with anal only if they’re interested but haven’t tried yet, or for those with some experience to give it another shot or put another twist on it like going the month without using their clit as well.

While for many, a month of anal only may be something fun to try before returning to “normal”, a number of couples have come out of No Pussy November deciding that they liked it so much they aren’t going to go back to vaginal sex, and many of those are still anal only today. It really is amazing how for so many women it can only take a month or so of being anal only for her to decide that she prefers being that way and would rather not use her pussy anymore.

So for anyone interested in trying, start thinking about preparing for the next No Pussy November, coming up in less than one month now!

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