Some People Don’t Like Orgasms

denial-lover: I’ve been such a terrible denial slut since my Master left. I’ve been cumming daily and I don’t like it. So I’m going to make a challenge:

For every note this gets it will be one day without an orgasm. If you think I should be anal only with no touching my clit at all please send me a private message. For every message I get about this post it will be no touching for one day. You can send me a message once a day if you want. I’ll keep track of it daily and update the totals.

Thanks everybody!

denial-lover: I’ve decided that if I get 180 days of denial from this post and complete those 180 days then I proved that I don’t need to cum and I will not cum anymore. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me. I’ve needed the motivation.

slutprogrammer: I gotta say….I don’t get the denial thing. Anal sex is for having *bigger* orgasms.

For many people, yes, that’s the case. But some people don’t like orgasms—that is, they may enjoy the short term pleasure of them, but find the long term pleasure and glow of a constantly aroused state to be more enjoyable and to work better for them than the crash and low feeling that can follow an orgasm. Not everyone is that way, but some people are better off not orgasming and get pleasure in different ways instead. Neither approach is universally right or wrong, and people should do what works for them. Some also find that anal orgasms can replace vaginal/clitoral orgasms as a source of great pleasure without as much of the arousal dampening effects.

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