Message: How Can I Make My Husband Want To Go Anal Only?

bubblebaths22: I want to be anal only except for when my husband and I are breeding but he doesn’t really ask to fuck my ass. I’m always the one who initiates it so my question is how can I make him want to go anal only? Thanks in advance

I’d talk to him about it and make sure he knows that you prefer anal and really want to go anal only with him. Communication is often the best approach, and then figure out where to go from there.

Or, you can just start asking him for anal more frequently and over time work towards it being the primary thing you do before getting to where it’s your default and you go weeks or months at a time without any attention to your pussy, and somewhere along that process start talking about formalizing it.

Perhaps even a hybrid approach where you talk about wanting to do anal more often and then just over time make “more often” into “always”.

But talking is good. He might be totally into the idea immediately. If not, you can figure out what, if any, objections he might have and come up with a way to either solve them or come up with a mutually acceptable compromise.

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