How Do I Get My Girl To Crave Anal?

Anonymous: How do I start to turn my little girl into an anal whore? (We already do anal and stuff and she loves it, but I want her to think of her asshole as her new cunt, like you do.)

bindme-grindme: First off just

communication. It’ll help a lot, it’s necessary. I’m not good to talk to about this because I sort of trained myself, but yeah.

Maybe start to talk about how much more you love anal, talk to her about it. Start fucking her ass even more. Play with her clit so she associates anal=pleasure. Have her be plugged up during the day or at certain times…. It depends on lots of little things. Make her feel good about her soon-to-be cunt. Eat it out like a pussy!

I for one also go for edging and stuff too. I’m a fan of light humiliation/degradation, to each their own.

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