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Anonymous: As a girl with a tight budget and not much anal sex experience (other than masturbation ofc) what is the best and safest way to clean your anus and insides? And is it harmful to me since I have irritable bowel Syndrom to engage in such acts? Because I do get the best orgasms from anal sex, and my partner sure loves it to.

First, figure out if you need to clean at all. A balanced, high-fiber diet is usually the best way to be clean and ready for anal sex. Your rectum stays pretty clean naturally most of the time, and you may not really need to do anything. Wearing a plug or using a dildo before having sex can both help warm you up and give you a chance to check and make sure you’re clean for sex.

If you do still want to clean yourself out beforehand, you don’t need much. Just a small container with a nozzle to put warm water inside and squirt into your rectum. You don’t need much water and you don’t want to go too deep with it, just enough to clean the rectum without getting water beyond into the colon. You can pick up a fleet enema or even a vaginal douche at a pharmacy and use it (just for that purpose, obviously)—but you only need to use warm water with it, nothing more.

As for IBS and anal, I admit that I’m not sure. I don’t think it will cause you any trouble, but you should assess that on your own terms and approach it slowly at first, increasing frequency if you find it’s going fine and doesn’t cause any problems. I know there are people who manage to do anal play and sex regularly despite IBS, so it seems like it can be managed. I say, if you enjoy anal so much more, go for it and figure out how to make it work for you.

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