Message: Good Way to Ask My Girlfriend to Try Anal?

colewildetWhat would be a good way to ask/talk my girlfriend into trying anal?

First, read a lot of articles about anal sex best practices, especially those focusing on the recipient enjoying it. Different articles suggest different things, so it’s good to read multiple to get a good overview. Educate yourself on good anal technique, and approach the subject with the intent and determination of making it enjoyable for her. In general, this is going to mean being patient, going slowly and being aware of any discomfort on her part.

Once you’ve gotten a basic overview and what to do and what not to do… well, talk to her. She’s your girlfriend. You should be able to communicate your desires to her. Ask her if she’d like to try anal. If she has hesitations, ask her what they are. Don’t just make it about what you want, approach it from the perspective of wanting to try something new together and wanting to make sure that both of you enjoy it. If she still has concerns, have her also read some articles on enjoying anal. If she’s curious but doesn’t want to jump right in, try introducing some anal play into your sex life without pushing for anal intercourse yet (this is usually best anyway, easing into anal with more gradual play for a while at first).

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