Message: Should I Try Vaginal Before I Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: So, I’m a virgin. The most I’ve done is gave one guy a handjob while I was still in highschool. I do masturbate but I’ve never used a dildo, just fingers, and I’ve probably fingered my ass almost as many times as my pussy. I am considering keeping my vaginal virginity and going anal only. I’m sure when I do have sex with a guy I won’t have a hard time finding a guy who wants anal. I want your opinion, should I try to stay away from vaginal as long as possible or do that first before I go for it?

My opinion is that you should avoid vaginal entirely and just focus on anal and anal pleasure. It will be a lot more rewarding and enjoyable in the long run, doing so, and there are many benefits to being anal only from the start. It’s obvious the idea interests and appeals to you, given that you reached out to ask about it, so why not just decide to go for it and start focusing on just anal masturbation and sex going forward? It doesn’t hurt anything, and it doesn’t limit you from changing your mind in the future, while losing your vaginal virginity isn’t something you can choose to go back from. Though it’s not the biggest deal in the world, I do very frequently hear anal only women express the regret that they didn’t go straight to anal only and keep their pussy virgin.

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